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NEW ARRIVAL | Linia 3 in 1 plasma cutting table

NEW ARRIVAL | Linia 3 in 1 plasma cutting table

The LINIA CNC Plasma Cutting machines from Complete Machine Tools give you the speed, accuracy and ease of your own CNC plasma machine at a super competitive price. This CNC plasma cutting machine offers a comprehensive package for those who need more than just a single head plasma cutting machine.

Supplied complete with programming and nesting software from FASTCAM as well as an extractor fan in the base of the table your LINIA plasma cutter can be set up and running in just a couple of hours!
The machine comes standard with a wireless remote control for quick and easy setup and positioning of the machine saving time when setting up a new job and making it simple to maneuver around the machine.

Auto homing & zero position setting makes a tedious job simple and quick on a Linia CNC plasma cutting machine.
All drive components are well covered and shielded by guards for additional safety of everyone and protection of your machine.

This machine is very well optioned with 3 different heads to accommodate 3 different applications.

1. Plasma cutting head – Ideal for cleaner cutting of material
2. Flame cutting head – Ideal for those heavy thick plates
3. Etching head – Ideal for etching job identification numbers or names

On board pressure lubrication to the x & y axis is standard on every machine ensuring the machine stays well lubricated for long term accuracy and enhanced machine life.

Comes with as standard a laser alignment light on the cutting head for simply positioning for the start position. A red light is emitted onto the job so you can see very quickly the start position of the cutting head.

Std machine is a down draft table but a water table is available.

Panasonic servo motors are used which allows for fast axis movement and accurate positioning speeds from a very reliable well known manufacturer.

The Linia CNC plasmas use high quality components for long term accuracy and enhanced machine life.

All Linia plasma machines use Hypertherm plasma power supplies for superior reliability, flexibility as well as easy availability of consumables and spare parts (Hypertherm unit is an optional extra and available in 45, 65, 85, 105 & 125A)

The CNC controller uses a large screen for easy viewing and an inbuilt parts library with common cut parts where all you need to input is dimensions and a part can be cut very quickly without having to use the offline programming software. This is useful when a single part such as a base plate, circle, square and so on needs to be cut quickly and only a one off part needs to be cut.

Fastcam offline software is supplied with the machine and has a 4 hour training package included with the guys at Fastcam in Melbourne, version supplied is the PROFESSIONAL VERSION WITH AUTO NESTING

FastCAM® supply no-nonsense software programs that help solve common everyday problems for metal profiling and fabrication businesses.

Quality metal fabricating can mean the difference between a good product and a waste of time and money.

Fastcam software has enabled many hundreds of fab shops & sheet metal shops to easily undertake projects in-house on their own machine that they might otherwise outsource.

All FastCAM® programs are designed to be used by tradespeople who just want to get the job done. Right first time. On time. No-fuss, affordable and with the minimum of training.

All this and local Australian based support is available as well every business day.
Customers can send you a drawing file or you can draw a part in Fastcam and in minutes you can be cutting that part on your machine.
Copy the file or multiple files for cutting to a USB and take it to the machine….simple!


• Laser alignment light on cutting head
• Hypertherm Powermax air plasma compatible
• Z axis with rack, gear & stepper motor
• 100mm torch travel height
• Wireless remote control
• Panasonic servo motors and drives (X & Y axis)
• 1500 x 3000mm cutting area
(2000mm x 4000mm optional)
• FASTCAM CAD part creation & nesting offline software
• CNCUT-10A controller (10.4″) colour display
• Circular guideways – X & Y axis
• Built in dust extraction fan
• Bridge parking area at end of machine clears the table for loading & unloading
• X axis dual side drives with Panasonic servo motors
• Table strong enough to handle 900kgs = eg: (25mm plate 1500 x 3000)
• Pull out scrap trays on side of the machine for easy cleaning or small part retrieval
• Automatic torch height control
• Large screen CNC controller with inbuilt parts library
* Ball Transfers on table surrounds for easy sheet loading
* Drives by dual helical rack & pinion for smooth running and long life
* Safety guards on all drive components


HYPERTHERM Powermax 45, 65, 85, 105 & 125A (must be ordered with machine)

Call us today to discuss a great deal on this well made, efficient, plasma cutting machine.

Please call to discuss the options that will suit your application & budget if the above machine is not suitable.

Linia machine models are available to suit any budget.

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