Torsion Bar Press Brakes

The CMT torsion bar range of hydraulic press brakes offer an extremely well spec’d up machine with high end machine features on a competitively priced press brake. These press brakes have a multitude of features which not only enhance the machine output and accuracy but also adds a level of simplicity for the operator with features such as a 2D graphical touch screen controller out of Italy, crowning table, next gen quick release upper tool clamps, Lasersafe guarding system manufacturers in Perth and servo driven X & Y axes for blistering fast positioning of your back gauge and bending beam.

In addition the back gauge is equipped with linear guide ways and ball screw which in combination with a servo motor offers fast and accurate positioning and both the back gauge fingers and front sheet supports utilise linear guideways for easy positioning.

The Esa 2D touch screen graphical controller offers a powerful controller but with a simple and easy to use interface, the ability to see a 2D graphical representation of the job reduces the chance of error and material wastage. The ESA controller uses a linear scale mounted on the side of the machine bending beam which reads the position of the beam, this is a unique feature on a torsion bar machine and offers superior accuracy to the traditional encoder system used.

When you compare feature for feature against our competition you just can’t go past our value for money we offer on our CMT torsion bar press brake range.


  • ESA S630 touch screen controller with a 2D graphical interface made in Italy
  • Dual input methods – Angular numeric & touch drawing
  • Simultaneous positioning of X & Y axes with dual servo motors and drives drastically reducing wait times
  • Ability to store multiple jobs for future use with specific naming
  • Graphical part input that can be drawn on the screen
  • Next gen upper tool quick release clamping with the ability to remove the tooling from the front of the machine and not have to slide the tool out of the end of the press brake
  • Front sheet supports on linear guideways
  • Back gauge utilising linear guideways and ball screw coupled with a servo motor drive which allows for very fast and accurate positioning, approx 250-300mm/sec positioning speeds.
  • Y axis (bending beam) positioned using a servo motor and drive
    Siemens hydraulic motor
  • 4 x back gauge fingers on linear guideways
  • Laser safe block laser guarding system out of Perth, this system is made specifically for press brake and offers OH & S compliance with beam monitoring technology. Multiple mode selections can be chosen depending on what is being bent (box bending, normal bending and mute mode) so the guarding system will give you the best setting for what is being bent.
  • Manually adjustable crowning table eliminating the “yawning” effect created when bending in the middle of the press brake
  • Rexroth hydraulic system
  • Schneider electrics
  • Bottom multi vee tool
  • Knife upper segmented tooling
  • Safety side gates with interlock switches
  • Open rear of the machine for easy access, light curtains are used to facilitate this with the required OH & S requirements.
  • Linear scale mounted on the side of the bending beam (Y axis) which reads the position of the beam position. Far superior in accuracy than an encoder mounted on the top of the hydraulic cylinder
  • Adjustable tonnage on the side of the machine
  • Front sheet supports are made out of a hard plastic which doesn’t scratch material being bent
  • Oil supplied as standard with machine


  • Tonnage – 40 to 200 ton
  • Length – 2000 to 6000mm



Product Details

Manufacturer: CMT
Category: Press Brakes
Sub Category: Torsion Bar
Size: 40 to 200 ton
Made in: China


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