Find the Perfect Panel Bending Machine for Your Business with ACCURL

The world is continually changing and with its evolution, we are constantly introduced to new technologies that make our lives a lot easier. If you dedicate part of your life to sheet metal fabrication and would like to take your business to the next level, perhaps introducing a brand-new panel bending machine can help your business find newer levels of productivity and efficiency.

Embrace the Power of Technology with the Latest Generation of Panel Benders

The way we work has changed a lot in the past few decades. Many companies have started to embrace automation and new processes to ensure that their business remains compliant with the latest advancements but for that you need a reliable panel bending machine supplier.

ACCURL has become a leader in this industry, providing people all across the world with the machines they need for their business.

Learn what makes Accurl different and what you can expect once implemented in your business.

A panel bender is a must-have machine for those who work in the metal fabrication industry. It is capable of performing several tasks, making it easier for operators to create specific shapes, curves or even hems. These machines are meant to increase efficiency levels as they are able to perform a wide variety of metal bending tasks in record time.

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Accurl BEC panel bender

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Traditionally, these tasks would be carried out by a press. However most people would agree that such a process would be painfully slow, which may lead to losses for your business.

On the other hand a panel bending machine makes the whole job easier by requiring less configuration and being able to do more tasks. While a regular panel bender can do an excellent job, an automatic panel bender is able to increase the efficiency levels even further allowing you to complete complex projects with greater speed and precision, ultimately improving the productivity of your manufacturing processes.

Why Choose ACCURL’s Panel Benders?

After being in the industry for several decades, Accurl have adapted their offer to ensure that it is compliant with modern times. Not only will you be able to find an appropriate panel bending machine for your business, but you will also be able to choose between a manual and an automatic panel bender. Whatever your choice is, you can be sure that ACCURL machines prioritize quality, innovation, and reliability for your manufacturing needs.

Servo electric technology – our experience in your hands

ACCURL has launched its new BEC SMART panel bender, designed to satisfy the most demanding market needs. An innovative design being the result of more than 35 years of ACCURL’s own know-how in the field of bending.

Automatic Panel Bending Solutions:

ACCURL BEC SMART automatic panel bender has been designed with a modular concept, so that it may incorporate a large range of accessories and offer fully automated solutions.

The BEC Smart bending cell is a revolutionary bending solution thanks to the “safety integrated” concept that allows the operator to focus only on value added operations aided by visual devices and sound signals.

Universal Tooling:

The Flexible Panel Bender bends the sheet metal with one universal tooling, able to bend various complex shapes.

The auxiliary tool system makes the panel bender a highly versatile piece of equipment, allowing for a wide range of special bends

Perfectly equipped for sensitive Bending Energy efficient solutions:

  • Easy-to-use control units, rigid body frame, perfect design, high efficiency and multiple tool usage solutions.
  • Compact Solution
  • 100% Full Servo-Electric System
  • Electrical Energy Savings
  • Regular Production Independent From the Operator

The operator has only to load blanks and unload finished components while the BEC panel bender takes care of the rest.

Excellent dimensional characteristics:

Max. Bending Lengthmm140020002500
Max. Sheet Widthmm150015001500
Max. Bending Heightmm170170170
Min. Workpiece Sizemm110×200110×200110×200
Min. Workpiece Sizemm110110110
Min. Radiusmm1.21.21.2
Bending Angle°±180±180±180
Max. Bending Speeds/bending0.50.50.5
Min. Sheet Thicknessmm0.350.350.35
Max. Sheet ThicknessSSmm1.01.01.0


Feeding TypeArm Hold Dual RotateControlling SystemACCURL/SYNTEC
Table TypeBrushServo Motor/DriverSYNTEC/INOVANCE
Speed AdjustmentStandardBall ScrewYIGONG
Senior Command StandardBearingNACHI
Arc CommandStandardLinear GuideHIWIN/PMI
HEM CommandStandardElectric ComponentSchneider
Robot ConnectionStandardCouplingMIKIPULLEY

The servo motor controls the movement of the positioning L-block, which is fast and accurate

Maximum comfort for the operator thanks to the lack of physical barriers and work surfaces that can be lowered to facilitate the loading of small or medium-sized parts.

Adapted Automation:

Modular design allows incorporating additional systems to enable complete automation such as different loading and unloading systems or other ACCURL Sheet Metal equipment.The frame adopts a high precision temperature controlled furnace, which is tempered, heat-treated, annealed and modulated according to the temperature curve corresponding to the material which ensures the lasting stability of the overall accuracy of the machine tool.

Universal Bending Tools Provide

Maximum Versatility:

Example: Lugs on the outside of a box

Example: Lugs on the inside of a box

Example: Bend center section on edge of a blank

Example: Bend sections symmetrical to the centerline of the machine on edge of a blank

Sometimes for special production needs, such as panels with complex bending profiles, it is industrially necessary to use special tools such as AST.

Extra Bending Tools(AST)

The extra bending tools can be set up automatically in order to bend flanges or offset bends. When necessary the tools automatically move to the correct position from their parked position and process the sheet without using the remaining bending tools.The AST tools are used to make bends along a broken bending line or shorter than the side being bent. i.e., where individual sections of a blank edge need to be bent. This function can only be used on machines with AST tools fitted.

Extra blank holder tool

With additional upper blank holders you can also produce very narrow profiles or components with formed sections near the bending lines. If required the machine automatically swivels in the ENW extra blank holder from above. The available standard blank holders do not need to be replaced or modified for this.

Horn blank holder

Nestings with inner edges can be produced easily with the horn blank holders. The “horns” extend and retract automatically at an angle. This means that the upper blank holder can move downwards without causing a collision between the tool and the bend.

Automatic Tooling Change Section System

It uses universal bending tools which automatically adapt in-cycle to the panel geometry without machine down times or manual retooling, allowing batch-one or kit productions

Flexible Automation

Quickly and fully automatically this moves, handles, grips and rotates the sheet metal throughout the whole machining cycle. It requires no manual interventions during the cycle. The operator positions the sheet metal on the worktable and collects the product after bending, performing only the loading and unloading operations.

Mild steel housing cover

Maximum accuracy, even in thicker materials.

Stainless steel drawer

Radius bending with double sheet.

Stainless steel screen trim

Short sides combined with radius bending.

Mild steel container

Maximum accuracy during production.

Mild steel guard plate

High repetition accuracy for a variety of bends