Full Software Suite for Multiple Machine Programming

Metalix enables seamless integration of all Accurl Sheetmetal machines into 1 software suite, making programming simple and efficient.

ERP/MES connection

It is easy to get the ERP/MES order for Accurl machines

All ERP/MES system can export the CSV file, just include the dxf file name, material, Qty and thickness or others

ACCURL Press Brake-Punch & Laser Cut

It is easy programing from iBend to iPunch/iCut

ACCURL Punch/Laser unfold From iBend

ACCURL. CLAIM FOR 3D Connection -CADLink

The CADLink is an optional add-on that provides 3D CAD integration with iPunch/iCut/iBend, it transfers part or
assemblies directly from such as Solid Edge®, SOLIDWORKS®, Autodesk® Inventor®, and PTC Creo®
Customer will fid the buttom in their original 3D CAD integration as Solid Edge®, SOLIDWORKS®, Autodesk® Inventor® ”

CADLink will batch process the assembly 3D file to check list all of parts.

CADLink will automatically export “SheetMetal” parts and not export others.

Accurl’s iPunch/iCut will get the unfold file so direct to generate the NC for Punch/Laser/Press Brake.

iBend Offline 3D Press Brake Simulation

Effective Offline Programming

iBend is an application for offline press brake simulation and programming for the entire range of Accrurl press brakes

  • 3D design à NC program with Auto Tooling and Auto Sequence
  • Collision detection ensures minimal stock wastage
  • Offline programming maximises machine bending time
  • Easy-to-use tool library for flexible tooling with built-in tooling catalogues (Wila, Wilson, Rolleri, …)
  • Full support for hemming
  • Graphic control over all program features

Bend Compensation Methods

iBend supports several bend deduction methods

  • DIN
  • Rolleri Formula
  • Bend tables

iBend Supports ACCURL Press Brakes

More than sixty different machine models, from the smallest through to tandem machines

  • The full range of machine geometries
  • All ACCURL press brake controls
  • Delivery of each machine with a customized iBend installation for fast production startup

iBend Features

  • Direct part transfer from 3D CAD packages (CAD Link), and transfer of parts directly from Laser/Punch
  • Part profile creation
  • Automatic tooling, bend sequencing,finger positioning , and station setup
  • Graphic control for all automatic selections
  • 3D simulation with collision detection
  • Native NC code generation for machine controls
  • Production-oriented setup reports
  • Flat part export to Laser/Punch

Additional Features

iBend also provides

  • Part design from profiles
  • Exporting the unfolded part directly to Laser/Punch
  • Making video captures of the simulation run

Improved Press Brake Productivity.

iBend enables better use of your resources

  • Fast design-to-production with direct transfer from 3D CAD to simulation
  • Offline programming means minimal machine down-time for programming on the control
  • Intuitive workflow for ease of use
  • Accessible Tool Library for quick tool additions
  • Minimal stock wastage with collision detection
  • Faster machine setup with detailed operator job reports
  • Easy porting between machines for shop-floor production optimization
  • Production-ready bend sequences requiring fewer experts
  • Accelerated employee training without consuming materials and machine resources

cncKad Laser Cutting

Advanced features for precise production results

  • Support for the newest laser machines
  • Head-down cutting
  • Estimations of production times and costs
  • Advanced tool-path optimization
  • Common line cuts
  • Material-based cutting tables
  • Easy edit of cutting tables
  • AutoCut and manual cutting
  • Rapid tool-path crash avoidance
  • Vaporizing and marking before cutting

Cutting Tables

All cutting parameters are pre-loaded and can be customized with Easy Edit feature

More advanced features

  • Fly cut
  • True-type font cutting and engraving
  • Corner treatment
  • Bridge and chain cutting
  • Color coding for clear overview
  • Hole slicing
  • SOP (Sensor Off in piercing area) Support
  • Job time calculations
  • Simulation
  • Detailed job reports

Common Line Cutting

  • Save time – process adjoining parts with single cuts
  • Save gas – minimize piercings
  • Maximize sheet usage

Rapid Tool-Path Crash Avoidance

  • Avoid collisions with Auto Path Finder and high travel gap
  • Avoid moving over processed holes with advanced cutting optimization

Head-Down Cutting

  • Minimize head movement in Z axis with cutting gap

Vaporization and Marking

Use vaporization to

  • Remove protective coating from sheets
  • Remove rust from the cutting path
  • Get cleaner cuts

Use marking to pinpoint important positions (drilling positions, bend lines)

True Type Font Cutting and Engraving

  • Cut or engrave any text using fonts installed on your computer

Color Coding for Clear Overview

  • Coding for cutting speed
  • Coding for travel gap

Slice Holes

  • Prevent a large cut hole from tilting and damaging the machine
  • Remove the scrap


Automatic nesting module allows processing complex orders with just a few clicks.

AutoNest quickly and easily processes complicated orders, offering time-saving, efficient, and optimal material utilization to achieve the best possible nesting solutions

AutoNest Estimation

Quotes of production times and costs

  • Total cost and time for the daily job
  • Processing time for all the parts and SubNests produced
  • Detailed processing times for the different production stages: cutting, piercing, head traveling, etc.
  • Quantity and cost of gas and electricity
  • Cost, weight, and efficiency of material used

Features Designed for Efficient Workflow

Quotes of production times and costs

  • Daily Job part import with geometry validation and processing
  • Fully automated nesting with AutoNest Pro
  • Advanced nesting settings: part priority definitions, part rotation, grouping, clamp area avoidance
  • Multiple material and sheet solutions
  • Accurate job time calculations
  • Common cuts also showing remnant handling
  • Cut sheet
  • Barcode reports
  • Program sent to machine
  • NC generation and simulation

Accurl iJob Track

Job Tracking

Job tracking add-on is a database system for management purposes

  • Record and monitor the production\manufacturing process\flow
  • Store all parts, tubes, daily jobs, SubNests, etc.
  • Sort and filter all the data, and search using complex search queries
  • Manage and monitor material consumption and usage efficiency.

JobTrack Management Software

iJob Quote

iJob System generate a quote by different Accurl machines

iJob Order

iJob system will transfer the quote to an order when your customer accept

iJob – Programing By The Order

iJob system will transfer the order to engineering department and finish the program/nesting

Job Tracking: Scheduling

The supervisor will arrange the NC file to each machine by different time and date

Introduction and Features of iBend

Tutorial for iBend Software